my soldiers

I'm usually not the mushy type, I don't do cheesy and chick flicks are a rarity but I think I may have overlooked telling two of the people I love most what they have done for me.

I have two soldiers, they have always been my protectors, they have always defended my safe place.
Now, they are defending are yours too.

Kris and Matt, I am grateful for your service every day. I pray for your safety and for your families while you are gone. I miss you both more than you know.

One day, you will no longer have to fight but until then;

You would tease and taunt until tears ran down my face
but if anyone else was to try the same you made them regret it
Move after move you were my best friends
I was so glad to have security guards when the boys came around
Now you fight overseas with guns in your hands
Wearing camouflage and an American flag
We don't always agree on politics or religion
But you fight to make sure I can always have my opinions
Take heed, take care but most of all do whatever it takes to stay safe

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