what is going on in my head

we moved! in two days we moved our entire apartment into another entire apartment. it was a lot to take in over the weekend. but we survived and we are adjusting quite well. in fact, we love this apartment a lot more than the previous.

however, I am exhausted. due to a little brother being sick and my mom still being sick and three papers being due in two days and homework I completely forgot about until thirty minutes before it was due and rekindling what I thought were lost friendships I have slept far less than recommended for even minimal function in the last 48 hours.

yikes. I want so badly to just curl up and sleep. but no, my life has other plans.

I signed up for Gabe and I's fall classes today at work. another semester and more opportunities.

this past week was really difficult. it was good to not have to go through it on my own. not that I ever have to go through anything alone with Heavenly Father but... it is nice to have a physical person next to me telling me things will be okay.

deep breath. knowing life will get better sometimes makes all the difference.

sorry if this post didn't make much sense...

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