end of semester tribute...

yet another semester at BYU has come to an end, Gabe and I officially the last of the Eatons in college for now.

I am excited to start on the projects I already have for this summer and I am sure more will come along as the summer goes on. If I actually think about it I haven't had a real summer break in a few years (not that adults really get summer break but I'm not in full adult mode quite yet)

2009- I came home early from a mission with my church, I thought I was going to get to go back out but had foot surgery instead
2010- I got married, which usurped our entire summer (getting married was great, all the stress that went into the plans maybe not so much)

this year is going to be wonderful :)

here are some of the many things I have planned, but in no particular order:
1. a salsa garden (even if it is in a planter on my deck)
2. finding a desk and shelves for our office... and then painting them bright red
3. sewing a skirt
4. reading through Les Miserables and Jesus the Christ
5. putting the finishing touches on our apartment
6. finishing up a PD Bio class (online)
7. making a trip out to the midwest
8. finding some curtains for the study or learning to sew some
9. celebrating our 1 year anniversary
10. lots of outdoor activities

it is going to be quite the summer

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