Monday, April 25, 2011

A little on the heavy side. . .

"Heavenly Father sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming"
-Joseph B Worthlin

Some days I wonder what it is He sees in me and others "I know I am not what I must become"

Some days I get distracted from what it is I am here on earth to do, to be and to become. I forget that my seemingly long life really is not all that lengthy and that my time here is not a right but a gift given from Heaven above.

Whatever you truly believe, believe it with all you have and live it with all your life. So many say they are willing to die for a cause but what is it that you are willing to live for?

This post is a little heavier than most... Some realizations are bigger than others I guess.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I love things that inspire me... and I don't mean in a five minutes after Remember the Titans sort of way but those things that make me want to be a better person, and make my positive mark on the world. Sometimes, those inspirations come and go but there are a few that are here to stay. While I know the list is longer than this here are my top three as of this moment:

1. The husband. He is my rock and my safe place, he is my best friend and is always pushing me to be a better version of myself.
Today, I was just having one of those off days and at lunch he could really tell. He gave me the usual hug and kiss, which is always a good thing. But then, he went one step further by calling me just to tell me that the shave ice stand is now open... yeah, I was excited by the shave ice but even more so because my husband knows what makes me smile and does his best to make that happen.

Today, he inspired me to be grateful for the good things in life.

2. Music
music is apart of who I am, it is in my soul and blood. Music is how I have connected with so many people and sometimes its the only way I can reach my little brother who is at the ripe age of teenager. Music has inspired me to feel and to love others.

3. my Momma
if you know anything about my mom you know she has been through more in the last year than many people go through in a lifetime, and yet she still persists. she wakes up every morning with the will to live and love and to be a mom, a nurse, and a wife all at the same time. my mom inspires me to finish my education, never give up on people and to be strong when there seems to be no strength left.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

end of semester tribute...

yet another semester at BYU has come to an end, Gabe and I officially the last of the Eatons in college for now.

I am excited to start on the projects I already have for this summer and I am sure more will come along as the summer goes on. If I actually think about it I haven't had a real summer break in a few years (not that adults really get summer break but I'm not in full adult mode quite yet)

2009- I came home early from a mission with my church, I thought I was going to get to go back out but had foot surgery instead
2010- I got married, which usurped our entire summer (getting married was great, all the stress that went into the plans maybe not so much)

this year is going to be wonderful :)

here are some of the many things I have planned, but in no particular order:
1. a salsa garden (even if it is in a planter on my deck)
2. finding a desk and shelves for our office... and then painting them bright red
3. sewing a skirt
4. reading through Les Miserables and Jesus the Christ
5. putting the finishing touches on our apartment
6. finishing up a PD Bio class (online)
7. making a trip out to the midwest
8. finding some curtains for the study or learning to sew some
9. celebrating our 1 year anniversary
10. lots of outdoor activities

it is going to be quite the summer

Saturday, April 9, 2011

lazy Saturday...

I could pretend that today was productive by telling you I wrote two papers, finally wrote the thesis for a third, went grocery shopping and took a nap (yes I deem naps to be productive most days)

but even though I did all those things I feel like it wasn't.

I think this is probably how I will feel until the apartment is put together and school work is over. it happens. Gabe just looked over and said 'hey, the apartment is put together' he has done so much to get our apartment unpacked. there are just certain things that I have to put together before I can deem it 'our place'

well... you've got mail is on and the husband is sitting next to me which is my cue to turn this off and enjoy the rest of our night.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

what is going on in my head

we moved! in two days we moved our entire apartment into another entire apartment. it was a lot to take in over the weekend. but we survived and we are adjusting quite well. in fact, we love this apartment a lot more than the previous.

however, I am exhausted. due to a little brother being sick and my mom still being sick and three papers being due in two days and homework I completely forgot about until thirty minutes before it was due and rekindling what I thought were lost friendships I have slept far less than recommended for even minimal function in the last 48 hours.

yikes. I want so badly to just curl up and sleep. but no, my life has other plans.

I signed up for Gabe and I's fall classes today at work. another semester and more opportunities.

this past week was really difficult. it was good to not have to go through it on my own. not that I ever have to go through anything alone with Heavenly Father but... it is nice to have a physical person next to me telling me things will be okay.

deep breath. knowing life will get better sometimes makes all the difference.

sorry if this post didn't make much sense...