the lesson is in how you respond...

I used to have a horrible time getting along with girls... for the most part.
When I got to college I think I finally understood why and so I started hanging out with different kinds of girls.

But, there are people you can't escape. Family members, co-workers and those who I tend to run into no matter my attempts to avoid them. At first, I couldn't understand why certain people acted the way they did.

But now, I get it. And now that I get it, I think it's even more pathetic. Girls, or more generally people act this way and do these things because they are intimidated.
I'm not saying I have a perfect life or that I am this amazingly perfect person.

But sometimes people don't appreciate their own lives and sometimes they think that they would rather live mine.

There are many people I admire and seek to follow their qualities.
I would LOVE to be at a point in my life where I get to be a stay at home mom and run my household. But, that isn't where I am and so I enjoy those who get to be at that point in their lives.

What I don't do is talk about them behind their backs and belittle who they are or the imperfections they have. I don't take something they said or did forever ago and hold it over their heads and I try my best to not paint them in a light that they wouldn't appreciate.

Why can't they do the same? Why is it that people cannot see themselves for who they are and appreciate what Heavenly Father has blessed them with?

Why can't they use the potential they have to better themselves instead of comparing themselves to others?

I don't know...

But one thing I do know is I am going to instill a sense of self-worth in my children that has nothing to do with their comparison to others and everything to do with their relationship with their Father in Heaven.

And in the meantime?
Sorry you can't be a "loser like me"

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