I love BYU

Oh gag some of you might say, but don't judge me quite yet.
Today Gabe and I went to the University forum for extra credit in one of his classes. Usually I am annoyed that half of campus is shut down for an hour but today I really enjoyed what BYU has to offer.

Jim Brau is a finance professor who teaches at BYU. He is also a convert to the LDS church(someone who joined the LDS church after they were eight-years-old, many times when they are in their adult years) and served in the US Army. I already had great respect for this man before I knew all of those things because of the things Gabe has said about his class, and after today my respect for him is even more profound.

Many times it seems that I forget that I am in college to learn. I think that I am just here to get a degree but that I need to rush through it as soon as possible and spend only as much time as I absolutely have to, to get the grade. I forget how much I love to learn.

But today, Jim Brau reminded me of the purpose of coming to college and more specifically to BYU.

Do you know why you are where you're at in life, doing whatever it is you are doing? If you have forgot maybe its time to step back and take a moment to remember, and if you can't remember maybe its time to move on.

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