When I Grow Up...

Remember at school when they told you that you could be anything you want when you grow up, and then they asked you to draw a picture of it?

I drew a firetruck, and my teacher said "Oh that's nice you want to be a fireman when you grow up?" And I said 'No, I want to be a firetruck.' My teacher just looked at me and said "You can't be a firetruck when you grow up, that's impossible." I was determined to prove her wrong... but when I got home my mom explained why I could not.

Dream shattered.

But as I grew older I went through different phases in life. There was a period where I saw the movie Civil Rights starring John Travolta and decided I wanted to be a lawyer that saved things. Then in high school I decided I wanted to be in politics and that was how I was going to change the world. And then I got to college and realized how corrupt the real world is and that I wanted nothing to do with lawyers or politics. And now I want to be a marriage and family therapist (and a wonderful mom, oh how I am going to love being a mommy)

But, when it's all said and done and my husband and I are retiring I want to open up a bed and breakfast. Maybe it will be a place where families can go and get a weekend away together and work on their relationships and maybe it will just be a place much like other bed and breakfasts...

I don't know, all I know is that I would love to open up a little place of my own and run it with my husband and he is all for it too.

Ahhh, life I have wonderful plans for you. Hopefully they will work out.

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