some days are better than others...

Can I just say today sucked?!

It started by me waking up late and missing class (really... I woke up way too early, did some homework, went back to sleep and woke up late)I wont bore you with details but to top it all off I slipped in a huge mud pit on the way home from work and ruined my favorite jacket.

I am a weird creature at times. I can take my mom getting hit by a car, people attacking me personally and having to figure out how to bail people out of jail. But, give me one day full of things that are seemingly small and I fall apart. It doesn't happen every time but it happens often enough. I know today was probably the product of the past month and a half built up but it all seemed to hit at once and it seemed like too much.

Nothing that a melancholy soundtrack, a long run and some TLC from the hubby can't cure. But, that will have to wait until this weekend, its homework and bed time.

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