I think...

Everyone has a bit of OCD in them, not to denote the seriousness of the disease itself but everyone I know has something in their life that they have to have a certain way.

I can't stand to have a full sink of dishes and I am always in a better mood when the apartment is picked up... I literally shudder at the thought of a dirty bathroom (not because I won't clean it, I just really can't stand the thought of so many germs) and if my sleeves don't cover my wrists I have to push them up on my arms. But, when I have a church calling, a dear friend in town, family schedules, exercise, a diet for medical reasons, four projects, a couple class presentations and the slew of midterms I have coming up; it all seems to go out the window.

Tonight I will be going home to a clean apartment for the first time in a few weeks and I get to replace my winter coat whose sleeves were too short... and I am soo grateful

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