Monday, February 28, 2011

I think...

Everyone has a bit of OCD in them, not to denote the seriousness of the disease itself but everyone I know has something in their life that they have to have a certain way.

I can't stand to have a full sink of dishes and I am always in a better mood when the apartment is picked up... I literally shudder at the thought of a dirty bathroom (not because I won't clean it, I just really can't stand the thought of so many germs) and if my sleeves don't cover my wrists I have to push them up on my arms. But, when I have a church calling, a dear friend in town, family schedules, exercise, a diet for medical reasons, four projects, a couple class presentations and the slew of midterms I have coming up; it all seems to go out the window.

Tonight I will be going home to a clean apartment for the first time in a few weeks and I get to replace my winter coat whose sleeves were too short... and I am soo grateful

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day/ Our 6 month Anniversary

So... The other day I was too busy having a pity party for myself to tell you how amazing Valentine's Day was.
For starters, I hate Valentine's Day... I think it started when I was in first grade and I stapled THROUGH my thumb trying to hang up my heart and then this boy in my class took all my candy and when I told the teacher he said I was lying I was just too ugly to get any candy.
Pretty traumatic for a 6-year-old.

Anyways, my husband who is all too accommodating to my quirks decided we could celebrate our 6 month anniversary instead. So... I made him 6 gifts and gave them to 6 friends, in turn I had him deliver them each a valentine in exchange for his gifts. I failed to take into account how insane Mondays are for us and he ended up having to scramble to make sure he got each gift. But, he had a lot of fun and I loved it.

When we got home he started dinner and then ran to the store...
To get my 6 month gift :)

Oh, how I love that man

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

some days are better than others...

Can I just say today sucked?!

It started by me waking up late and missing class (really... I woke up way too early, did some homework, went back to sleep and woke up late)I wont bore you with details but to top it all off I slipped in a huge mud pit on the way home from work and ruined my favorite jacket.

I am a weird creature at times. I can take my mom getting hit by a car, people attacking me personally and having to figure out how to bail people out of jail. But, give me one day full of things that are seemingly small and I fall apart. It doesn't happen every time but it happens often enough. I know today was probably the product of the past month and a half built up but it all seemed to hit at once and it seemed like too much.

Nothing that a melancholy soundtrack, a long run and some TLC from the hubby can't cure. But, that will have to wait until this weekend, its homework and bed time.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When I Grow Up...

Remember at school when they told you that you could be anything you want when you grow up, and then they asked you to draw a picture of it?

I drew a firetruck, and my teacher said "Oh that's nice you want to be a fireman when you grow up?" And I said 'No, I want to be a firetruck.' My teacher just looked at me and said "You can't be a firetruck when you grow up, that's impossible." I was determined to prove her wrong... but when I got home my mom explained why I could not.

Dream shattered.

But as I grew older I went through different phases in life. There was a period where I saw the movie Civil Rights starring John Travolta and decided I wanted to be a lawyer that saved things. Then in high school I decided I wanted to be in politics and that was how I was going to change the world. And then I got to college and realized how corrupt the real world is and that I wanted nothing to do with lawyers or politics. And now I want to be a marriage and family therapist (and a wonderful mom, oh how I am going to love being a mommy)

But, when it's all said and done and my husband and I are retiring I want to open up a bed and breakfast. Maybe it will be a place where families can go and get a weekend away together and work on their relationships and maybe it will just be a place much like other bed and breakfasts...

I don't know, all I know is that I would love to open up a little place of my own and run it with my husband and he is all for it too.

Ahhh, life I have wonderful plans for you. Hopefully they will work out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Make You Feel My Love...

I grew up on country... So there is no surprise that I am a big Garth Brooks fan. I am obsessed with the song To Make You Feel My Love and was pleasantly surprised to find out not only did Bob Dylan originally write it and perform it but that Billy Joel, Adele and Kelly Clarkson have all done covers of it as well...

My current favorite is Adele. I love her sultry voice and it is in a key I can sing along to.

I miss singing... A lot. In high school it was a large part of who I was and when I came to college I just kind of lost it...I'm getting it back, it might be rough at first but I miss that part of who I was... I want it to once again be a part of who I am.

Anyways... I remember this song from when I was younger. After my dad left, my mom would sing along and sing us to sleep with it. I know this is a love song but... when I was little it meant I was safe, that there was someone who would always be there for me. Like anyone else we have had our rough spots... But, I love my momma and the many things she gave me, one of them being an appreciation for music.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Declaration of Independence

You're probably wondering why I am blogging about the Declaration of Independence at the beginning of February. I will blame it on my American Lit. class and the fact that I really need a break from studying for my stats exam.

One of my favorite lines from this document is "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..." We all know how ironic this statement was when slaves and women were not included at the time this document was written.

However, I believe that the declaration of independence is an ideal... It is a goal, something that we must constantly be working towards and for. You can't break away from one nation and start an entirely new one and expect it to be perfect from the beginning. This is like expecting a child who enters kindergarten to get a perfect score on the GRE, MCAT or any other college level test.

Our nation wasn't even 5-years old in 1776...

So, no... Our nation is not perfect. No, I would not call the men who wrote and signed The Declaration perfect (although I do know that they were inspired in this aspect) and there is no way I am going to call our current president perfect.

But, as long as we're working towards that ideal, as long as there are still people fighting to ensure these unalienable rights are being given to all people I am going to be proud to be an American, to say that my brothers are in the military and to serve my country by getting an education and bettering the future of the next generation.

I have my beliefs and even if I'm not willing to argue them most of the time I am willing to stand up for what I believe, that right was given to me by a constantly evolving nation working towards an ideal that was crafted over two hundred years ago by a less than perfect man.

Funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it?