Things and People I Admire. . .

As I was thinking about the people in my life I realized how many of them I admire for different reasons. We may not agree on who to vote for or where is the best place to live or what college football team is the best or even what religion but, I am so grateful to have the vast amount of people in my life that I am able to admire and even emulate to a certain degree.

If I started to name people this post could go on for quite some time. So instead, I have decided to look at some of the qualities I like and admire about those people. If you're reading this you are most likely one of them or... I dont know you're reading it ;)

1. Dedication. Whether it is to a personal business, something you are passionate about or running a household I am impressed by the dedication I have seen in those I know. Dedication seems to be a determining factor in successes of life however, if not handled carefully it can get out of hand. The proper balance of dedication I have been exposed to is something that has been a motivation in my life. Through it I have seen degrees earned, businesses continue even through hardship and families succeed.

2. Passion. The dictionary defines passion as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling or as the edible fruit of any of various passionflowers, esp granadilla.
I'm pretty sure the first definition is what I'm looking for. My brother Kris tells me I am dramatic all the time and that everything I do is dramatic. The truth is I hate drama, quite passionately actually. Anyways, don't mistake being passionate with being dramatic. Passion takes you places, being dramatic doesn't. Unless of course that place you want to go is reality tv or daytime television.

3. Morals. I don't like watching the news very much... In fact, unless it is The Daily Show or The Colbert Report I rarely do. It just seems like the more I watch the more immoral our society is. But, one thing I truly admire about people is the morals they have; the integrity to work when no one is watching, returning a wallet to someone you greatly dislike even though you found it outside on the ground, and rising above the hateful gossip of others when it would be easier to just give in or fight back. Bravo.

4. The ability to see beauty in the simple.
I feel like this is pretty self explanatory.

5. Humor. I love a good laugh. I love being able to laugh at a ridiculous and frustrating situation that is out of my control. Way to be funny my dear loved ones.

You are truly amazing and have most likely influenced my life for the better. Thanks. I would like to think I am doing a pretty good job at succeeding these days.

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