It's been a year...

Seriously, this year has been intense and yes, I know January isn't quite over yet. Here are some of the ups and downs this month:

1. I was 'diagnosed' with diabetes in December. I immediately went on the diet, took my blood sugar levels, started exercising more and had the husband step in as my control when I really wanted something that I knew would just make me sick in the end. The good news is that I don't have diabetes (more like AWESOME news) and even better they finally figured out what is wrong with me.
I have waaay to much yeast in my system. The average person has a level of 3 (on a scale of 1 - 100) in their system at any given time. When I went in to the doctor I was told my levels were higher than they can record so I got a 100.
So, for the next three months I am on an incredibly strict diet. No yeast, no refined sugars, no fruits (except grapefruit, kiwi, green apples and blueberries in moderation), no foods containing gluten, no mushrooms, no peanuts peanut butter or pistachios, no cider or root beer, no aged moldy or processed cheeses no processed fried smoked or pickled meats and no packaged processed or refined foods.
Oh and I am moderately allergic to milk so no milk or ice cream

I am not joking...

So the next adventure in our lives is finding foods I can eat. If you have any ideas please let me know!

2. My mother was rear-ended by a semi.
Thankfully, she only received a concussion and whiplash. She is still having some major issues that are related to both of those things. Mostly, she is having to deal with not being able to do anything for herself.

these were probably three of the most major events. Add in school, work, friends, getting back into shape and our callings at church and you have yourself one busy schedule.

One of these days I will get enough sleep...

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