At first glance...

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by life. This past week has been one of those sometimes. There was just so much going on that I had a difficult time seeing the good in all of the unfortunate and hectic. I have been pretty down and out about this diet, focusing on the things I can't have rather than the ones I can. I have been seeing my mom's car wreck as yet one more thing the family can't deal with and to top it all off I have four tests within the next week.

But guess what?
I and my family are incredibly blessed.

I have found out that I love avocados, almond butter and coconut milk. I have also found out that my cousin will look out for me, same as always and that there are friends in unexpected common ground.

My mom has been going nonstop for who knows how many years, and although this is painful for her I am amazed how resilient my family is and that no matter how different we all are when there is a crisis we come together and support each other the best way we can.

And as for those four tests? I have never been more grateful to be able to earn an education without accruing any debt in an economy like ours.

But more than anything I am realizing more each day how right the choice to marry Gabe was. He is my anchor, my best friend, my mentor and my coach. He pushes me to do things I need to and helps encourage my dreams. He is by my side through it all and keeps me in check.

What a life, I love it !

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