what Christmas meant this year...

Christmas this year was different than any other. Last year it was just me and my sister, which was a blast (see previous December post). Plus, I had just gone home before the holiday so it felt like I was there.

This year it was no one but me and the husband, the rest of our family was over 1,700 miles away (or traveling there), and while we talked to them on the phone and missed them I really enjoyed the holiday.

This morning started with us driving Gary and 'Lizabeth (brother and sister in-law) to the airport so I got to open all of my presents yesterday morning :) I know, I sound like a small child. Trust me, that is about how much patience I have when it comes to presents, not so much mine but the ones I get other people. My mom's present is still on it's way and it was oh so difficult for me to not tell her what it was over the phone.

Anyways, the drive the to airport was actually a lot of fun. We were all kind of out of it but enjoyed talking and thank goodness the weather wasn't horrible like last year. Last night when we went out to dinner with Gary and Liz, Gabe was wearing some of his new clothes I got him for Christmas and Gary said something like "You take good care of your husband." It made me smile.

So... today.
After the airport we came home and relaxed for awhile. We ate what I guess you could call brunch which consisted of leftover pizza, puppy chow, poptarts, plus a piece of whole wheat toast and eggs for me. We played some of the board and card games we got for Christmas and watched a few Christmas movies, then it was Panda Express for dinner, a little Christmas music and the Christmas story. Now, we are sitting here; me blogging and Gabe playing video games with Christmas music still playing.

I love today. I love how much my husband loves and cares for me. I love that everyone I have talked to has really enjoyed the presents I gave and that I have so many people to love.
I am so grateful for Christ and His willingness to come to earth for everyone of us.
Even if this started out as a pagan holiday I am grateful for what it has turned into.

Tomorrow is back to normal life and all the responsibilities that come with it.
But today is a moment of Peace On Earth... at least for our little family.

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