sometimes I think I would be more successful if I took Thumper's advice a little more seriously...

'Tis the season...
And yet it seems that this time of year people are the most selfish, impatient and downright rude. Maybe it is finals, maybe it is because I go to college where it seems that people are the most self-absorbed (only to be surpassed by high school students) and maybe it's because people are so busy being insane consumers that they forget you're supposed to be nice. I guess I can be guilty of that sometimes...
So here is a few things I'm going to work on...

1. Go a day without saying anything negative about anybody

2. Next time you are tempted to be impatient take a deep breath and think something positive about the person, even if they're a complete stranger

3. Give one of your presents to charity or the money for it to charity... or just someone in need

4. Forgive someone who hasn't asked for it

5. Sing a Christmas song at the top of your lungs while driving

6. Make baked goods with loved ones

7. Find time to read a good book

8. Read the real Christmas story and remember why it is we are celebrating

9. Enjoy a favorite hot drink

10. Watch a cheesy Christmas movie

11. Find a moment in all the crazy holiday chaos for a moment of peace

That's my list... I hope everyone finds their own

Happy Christmas!!

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