I am scared...

Remember that force I wanted to be?
Well.. I've figured out how I want to do it. But, I am scared I won't be able to. Silly? Yes. Also realistic? ... Yes.

I want to change my major again. And I KNOW that sounds ridiculous but, hear me out and you might understand. I've been trying to figure out my undergrad for awhile now. I know what I want to do with life... But the road to getting there is getting kind of confusing. If I change majors now, I can graduate a year earlier then my current major with a minor in business management AND have a better chance of getting into my grad school.

Am I really changing my major a year before graduation?
Am I really scared of doing something different?
Am I a complete mess?

Multiple question, single answer.

I have always wanted to go to grad school but have been scared of it. Why? What is it that I have to be afraid of? Failure. Not finishing. Being a bad LDS woman because I want an education before children.

The last one of those fears is probably the most ridiculous. All throughout my life I have been encouraged to get an education, and at whatever level I desire. If I start having kids at 27 with a PhD is that really such a bad thing? If I start having kids at 24 with a masters is that? Ridiculous...

All of it. I used to be brave.
I'm going to start again.

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