Best Husband Award

I know that almost everyone says they have the best husband ever and so this is a bit cliche but I just wanted to express how grateful I am for my husband, especially after this weekend.

Gabe knew how... intense my family was when he agreed to this whole marriage thing. He knew that my little brothers call me all the time to talk about things in their life (girlfriend break ups, lost pets and Benji's football games to name a few) and that if my sister is in trouble I will drop everything to help, if I can. He knows that my mom has crazy health, my brothers are overprotective and that there is most likely some sort of family drama going on at all times. And yet, the man still agreed to it all.

This weekend was especially crazy because we are trying to get Emily to Oklahoma. I had to stay home all day Saturday from work, groceries and other errands to wait for a mailman who never came. And yesterday I stayed home to wait for my sister while Gabe did the laundry. Seriously, he did all of the laundry (it was almost two weeks worth)and then brought it home and folded it and put most of it away.

What man does that?

My husband :)

I know once we graduate school things with the laundry will change... But I am so grateful for how supportive he is. He loves my little brothers and sister. He reassures me when I worry over my mom and helps support me when it all comes down. Basically, he is the best husband for me. And that is something I will forever be grateful for.

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