Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in Review

This is as close as I am going to get to writing a Christmas letter this year, and its four days after Christmas.
This is us witha group of our close friends here in Provo.

Our friend Amber wanted a nice picture of The Eatons to take on her mission with her. This is what she got.

I am a list person and so here are the top ten most noteworthy events that have happened to us this year:

10. We have become quite the canasta players. Yes, we know this is a game most commonly played in retirement centers but somehow we have come to thoroughly enjoy it and not be too competitive with one another. Anyone who wants to challenge us though, bring it on :)

9. We survived the blizzard of 2010. Anyone who was in the Provo area knew there was supposed to be a major storm the day before and day of Thanksgiving. It was going to be the biggest storm to hit this area in over ten years. Stores were out of milk, eggs and bread, both University campuses shut down and we braced ourselves for the worst. Just as Gabe predicted, it slightly drizzled. What nobody told us was that the next day when we went into work there would be a huge break in a main water line and over 20,000 gallons of water would pour into Heritage Halls and reek havoc. We waded through up to two feet of water in several buildings, trying to mitigate the damage done to student's property and literally swept out tons of water from the central building. It was freezing cold outside causing Heather to be sick on Thanksgiving day. What an adventure the blizzard but really flood of 2010 was.

8. Another semester is finished at BYU. Heather will be graduating in early 2013 and Gabe will soon follow after. Both plan on attending grad school but where has yet to be determined.

7. Heather's little brothers have fallen in love with Gabe. Adam, John and Benji are pretty enamored by Gabe. Anytime Heather talks to Benji on the phone he wants to know what Gabe is doing and if he can talk. Gabe is the youngest of his family so he is having fun with three little brothers, we are hoping they can come out for a visit soon (hint hint Momma Stroud).

6. Heather is learning how to cook. This has been pretty interesting, especially with the recently acquired news of diabetes. Adjusting recipes to be more low-carb and sugar has been a fun challenge. Sometimes it's just safer to eat out or count on Gabe's mad sushi and hamburger helper skills.

5. Bessie the Beast (our '02 Saturn) has survived another year. Even though she is only running on three cylinders she made quite the trek from Utah to Kansas then to Oklahoma and back to Utah. After numerous repairs this year we are grateful to still have a car that runs.

4. Heather got a new job. She was working as a custodian at Heritage Halls almost the entire time she has been at BYU, and after moving up in the ranks she decided it was time for a change of place. She is now a secretary in one of the buildings on campus and was pleased to find out she gets to do homework on the clock.

3. We decided to not have kids anytime soon, so stop asking. Maybe this sounds harsh but we are enjoying our little family just the way it is. We have plenty of nieces and nephews to keep us busy in the meantime.

2. Gabe chose a major. He will be going into advertising and/or marketing. Since Gabe sometimes enjoys the commercials more than the television shows this field should be perfect for him.

1. We got married!! Of course this is the most memorable event for our 2010. It was also the best and most stressful thing that happened this year. We loved both of our receptions and so please do not take offense of the next statement if you were a part of either of them: We will be encouraging our children to elope.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

what Christmas meant this year...

Christmas this year was different than any other. Last year it was just me and my sister, which was a blast (see previous December post). Plus, I had just gone home before the holiday so it felt like I was there.

This year it was no one but me and the husband, the rest of our family was over 1,700 miles away (or traveling there), and while we talked to them on the phone and missed them I really enjoyed the holiday.

This morning started with us driving Gary and 'Lizabeth (brother and sister in-law) to the airport so I got to open all of my presents yesterday morning :) I know, I sound like a small child. Trust me, that is about how much patience I have when it comes to presents, not so much mine but the ones I get other people. My mom's present is still on it's way and it was oh so difficult for me to not tell her what it was over the phone.

Anyways, the drive the to airport was actually a lot of fun. We were all kind of out of it but enjoyed talking and thank goodness the weather wasn't horrible like last year. Last night when we went out to dinner with Gary and Liz, Gabe was wearing some of his new clothes I got him for Christmas and Gary said something like "You take good care of your husband." It made me smile.

So... today.
After the airport we came home and relaxed for awhile. We ate what I guess you could call brunch which consisted of leftover pizza, puppy chow, poptarts, plus a piece of whole wheat toast and eggs for me(gotta love diabetes and trying to balance all that sugar). We played some of the board and card games we got for Christmas and watched a few Christmas movies, then it was Panda Express for dinner, a little Christmas music and the Christmas story. Now, we are sitting here; me blogging and Gabe playing video games with Christmas music still playing.

I love today. I love how much my husband loves and cares for me. I love that everyone I have talked to has really enjoyed the presents I gave and that I have so many people to love.
I am so grateful for Christ and His willingness to come to earth for everyone of us.
Even if this started out as a pagan holiday I am grateful for what it has turned into.

Tomorrow is back to normal life and all the responsibilities that come with it.
But today is a moment of Peace On Earth... at least for our little family.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Husband Award

I know that almost everyone says they have the best husband ever and so this is a bit cliche but I just wanted to express how grateful I am for my husband, especially after this weekend.

Gabe knew how... intense my family was when he agreed to this whole marriage thing. He knew that my little brothers call me all the time to talk about things in their life (girlfriend break ups, lost pets and Benji's football games to name a few) and that if my sister is in trouble I will drop everything to help, if I can. He knows that my mom has crazy health, my brothers are overprotective and that there is most likely some sort of family drama going on at all times. And yet, the man still agreed to it all.

This weekend was especially crazy because we are trying to get Emily to Oklahoma. I had to stay home all day Saturday from work, groceries and other errands to wait for a mailman who never came. And yesterday I stayed home to wait for my sister while Gabe did the laundry. Seriously, he did all of the laundry (it was almost two weeks worth)and then brought it home and folded it and put most of it away.

What man does that?

My husband :)

I know once we graduate school things with the laundry will change... But I am so grateful for how supportive he is. He loves my little brothers and sister. He reassures me when I worry over my mom and helps support me when it all comes down. Basically, he is the best husband for me. And that is something I will forever be grateful for.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home for the Holidays...

This year Gabe and I will be staying in Utah for Christmas. By the time we realized our car isn't reliable enough to make the 2,281 mile trip plane tickets were kind of ridiculous and Gabe was pretty weary about taking off that much work time right before the new semester. So, here we stay. To say I am disappointed is an understatement but so is saying I am grateful. Let me explain.

I love my family. I love being able to just go home and not have to worry about working and cooking dinner and cleaning my apartment (even thought I help with the latter two at my mom's house, somehow it is different). I love seeing all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, siblings, parents and those I am pretty sure I am related to but not sure how. I love how I hate my mom making us all dress up and go caroling to random people in her ward and the five to ten pounds I know I am going to have to loose once I get back to Utah. I love Gabe's family, I was excited to see exactly how Christmas is for them, listen to the ridiculous stories they tell on Gabe and watch the Polar Express I don't know how many times.

But, because we can't (and because I already told my husband I was just going to drive home when I get paid Friday and he laughed and said call me when you break down)I am choosing to be grateful for the following reasons: 1. We will both be working forty hours a week for two weeks. That means tuition and books will be covered without any short terms loans (I hope) 2. I get to spend time with Gabe. I love school and am grateful for a job and all the running around we do when our friends are in town. But because it is the holidays, we have no homework and almost everyone is going to be out of town we will for the most part we will have a lot of time to just spend with each other. 3. No packing! For some people packing is no big deal, for me it is usually an event, and I always end up leaving something behind. 4. I don't have to stress out about the car... or driving... or directions... or music selection... or bathroom breaks... or dealing with finding road trip foods I can actually eat.

Basically, I will miss everyone, a lot but maybe having a low hassle holiday will be something I will enjoy as well. A chance to establish our own traditions and hopefully not have to eat Christmas dinner out because I ruined it (yeah I know, pray for a miracle on that one) will be quite the memory all of its own.

But, I'm buying plane tickets for next year by February at the latest :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

sometimes I think I would be more successful if I took Thumper's advice a little more seriously...

'Tis the season...
And yet it seems that this time of year people are the most selfish, impatient and downright rude. Maybe it is finals, maybe it is because I go to college where it seems that people are the most self-absorbed (only to be surpassed by high school students) and maybe it's because people are so busy being insane consumers that they forget you're supposed to be nice. I guess I can be guilty of that sometimes...
So here is a few things I'm going to work on...

1. Go a day without saying anything negative about anybody

2. Next time you are tempted to be impatient take a deep breath and think something positive about the person, even if they're a complete stranger

3. Give one of your presents to charity or the money for it to charity... or just someone in need

4. Forgive someone who hasn't asked for it

5. Sing a Christmas song at the top of your lungs while driving

6. Make baked goods with loved ones

7. Find time to read a good book

8. Read the real Christmas story and remember why it is we are celebrating

9. Enjoy a favorite hot drink

10. Watch a cheesy Christmas movie

11. Find a moment in all the crazy holiday chaos for a moment of peace

That's my list... I hope everyone finds their own

Happy Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am scared...

Remember that force I wanted to be?
Well.. I've figured out how I want to do it. But, I am scared I won't be able to. Silly? Yes. Also realistic? ... Yes.

I want to change my major again. And I KNOW that sounds ridiculous but, hear me out and you might understand. I've been trying to figure out my undergrad for awhile now. I know what I want to do with life... But the road to getting there is getting kind of confusing. If I change majors now, I can graduate a year earlier then my current major with a minor in business management AND have a better chance of getting into my grad school.

Am I really changing my major a year before graduation?
Am I really scared of doing something different?
Am I a complete mess?

Multiple question, single answer.

I have always wanted to go to grad school but have been scared of it. Why? What is it that I have to be afraid of? Failure. Not finishing. Being a bad LDS woman because I want an education before children.

The last one of those fears is probably the most ridiculous. All throughout my life I have been encouraged to get an education, and at whatever level I desire. If I start having kids at 27 with a PhD is that really such a bad thing? If I start having kids at 24 with a masters is that? Ridiculous...

All of it. I used to be brave.
I'm going to start again.