I don't know what to think...

Satan is SO good at what he does. Ok, so he calls good bad and bad good but then he goes a step further and tries to make you sympathize with the bad and be angry with the good.

And it is SO frustrating.

I know that acting on homosexual feelings is wrong. I also know it is wrong to bully, make fun of and belittle those who do. So where is the medium? How do I respect someone as a human being but not as a homosexual? How do I love someone for who they are but not for what they believe in?

I get not saying "that's so gay." I understand not using the three letter f word, and I don't think gay jokes are really all that funny unless they are in good taste (I tend to laugh at jokes aimed towards me too as long as they are harmless)

But what I don't get is how I am supposed to talk to someone about being gay, having crushes on someone of the same sex, etc. Do I even talk about it? I don't believe in not associating with someone because of their choice of sexuality (unless its towards little kids... that's just creepy)
But I do have my beliefs and I want to be able to respect people while not having what I believe trampled on.
When I was at Stanford there was one other girl who was conservative in our entire group of friends. It was really difficult and sometimes some pretty hurtful things were said about us, whether it was to our face or not because we believe in God, or didn't believe in abortion or gay marriage. I never want to inflict that hurt on someone else. I never want to be the cause of that pain. But I want to be able to express my beliefs and be given the same respect I strive to give others.

But how does that happen?
I suppose this is probably one of those questions I take to Heavenly Father in sincere prayer.

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