Huntsman Senior World Games

I am in an internship class at BYU this semester and our big project was going down to St. George for three days and helping with free health screening at the Senior World Games. Besides missing my husband like crazy (just ask the girl I went with, thanks for all the support Natalie!) It was a lot of fun and I learned a few things about working with older people and in the medical field in general.

For the most part I was handing out fliers at the front entrance of the health screening place. I was the one who had to turn people away if they didn't have the right identification with them. Fun job, right? I think I would rather stick people with needles...However, because I was at the front it also gave me a lot of opportunity to talk to various people, literally from all over the world. Sometimes their English wasn't the best, and it was difficult to communicate, but overall it was interesting hearing different people's backgrounds and recent triumphs (it is a big deal to get a gold metal in one of the rated events, i LOVED seeing these people with medals around their necks and then asking them what it was for and having their faces light up as they told me).

We were also able to meet and speak with John Kayne, a world renouned genetic and DNA researcher. As I was eating massive amounts of amazing Pizza Factory pizza (and I do mean amazing) he was explaining the latest discovervies in linking chromosomes and genetic coding with diseases such as alzhiemers and heart disorders. It was fascinating and I am amazed at how far the medical world has come in the last few years.  

I also went to the thrift store down there and scored a brand new ralph lauren sweater, a skirt, a dress, a pair of awesome church shoes, a cardigan, another nice sweater, a belt, a new pair of sweat pants AND a book to read for the next few days all for less than $25 :)

all in all it was a successful and fun trip, but i wont be leaving my husband for 3 days again anytime soon

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