Autumn did not last very long... here I am trudging around in snow boots and a coat and hat. I should probably invest in some gloves and a scarf or two. Yikes!

Just for the record I hate group projects. Not because I don't like working with people, I do. It is just irritating to work with arrogant boys who think they're business men. But, I suppose this is an excellent chance for me to have a learning opportunity. I am learning patience, how to think kind thoughts about unkind people, and how to do my fair share and try to motivate others to do theirs. Or at least that's the goal.

Also, there is a current curtain debate at my apartment. Gabe wants energy efficient curtains, I want curtains that aren't ugly. After visiting three major department stores last night I am beginning to wonder if cute, energy efficient curtains exist, or if they're up there with Sasqwatch and Jack Skelly...

In the words of my sister: yup, you are definitely married.

And Gabe's birthday is next week... any ideas? I have the presents I just don't know what to do for the actual event.

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