it's a simple life i lead...

and i love it

-books take me away to far off places. i got a passport this summer but i have yet to leave the country. who knows, maybe someday i will get to travel across the world. until then i have thousands of adventures to embark upon and gorgeous places to see through the eyes of others.

-music makes my soundtrack for life. if i am addicted to anything, its music and the variety is pretty diverse. some people have been blessed with the talent of producing music. i have been blessed with the talent of thoroughly enjoying it. some songs i have enjoyed as of late:

color blind - counting crows
the blowers daughter- damien rice
Amsterdam Acoustics - Avant La Lettre : No Procedure That Fits
you and i - ingrid michaelson
This Is The New Year - Ian Axel

-and my husband loves me more than i think i really comprehend. Gabe is so good to me. our love story/ life hasnt exactly been normal but the thing is i like it that way. he has known me for over eight years, he knows my quirks, the things that he loves and the things that drive him crazy (idk how many times i have tried to stop using the phrase 'so is your face' its an inside joke from high school that he hates... ) but mostly he just tries to make sure i'm happy. for a 22 year old guy he is one of the most unselfish people i know. ok.. i'm off my mushy soapbox :)

-my family keeps me grounded. my family is crazy, both in the general sense of the word and not. they are all over the place all the time and since there are so many of us it seems like something big is always going on. but it seems like the things that happen with them are what reminds me of the reality of life.

-my classes help me to remember how much i dont know. i was SO smart... until i came to college :P this is most definitely one the biggest learning experiences of my life. i've had fun, its been painful but mostly i've enjoyed it.

-my friends let me be who i am. i'd like to think i have found some of the least fake people out there and they have become my friends, and that i will forever be grateful for.
-my job teaches me patience... tests my integrity... shows me the importance of loyalty... and that i will be so glad to get a degree

-money reminds me of the important things in life. maybe because i dont have a lot of it, maybe because when i make up a budget i have to prioritize and maybe because the things i cherish the most dont come from it... idk but it seems like whenever i deal with money it always helps me to realize what i want in life the most, and why

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