once upon a time...

i havent blogged in forever... mostly because i got engaged and all i ever do is sleep, go to work and plan the wedding... with an occasional adventure to two thrown in. anyways... this is a post i've been promising a few people for awhile so here it goes, in Q&A format

how did i meet my fiance?
I have known Gabe since we were fourteen... we are pretty sure we met at a stake activity that involved pre-seminary instruction but can't be sure... its not like we were interested in each other at the time... in fact, up until we dated Gabe was kind of my wing man and I was his(minus the whole man thing)... he helped me get guys to notice me and I coached him through asking girls out... time and again. That is actually how we started dating the first time. And here is where the story gets... interesting?

when did we start dating?
I came out to BYU in January of 2007 and Gabe had already been here for a semester and so like the good friend he was he showed me around campus and where my classes would be. We had some crazy adventures which always consisted of us hanging out until way too late talking about how baffling the opposite sex was to us... and one night, possibly due to lack of sleep we decided that we were going to 'fake date' in order to make our current love interests jealous. (yeah i know... who does that?!) so we went out one night and took pictures around town of us hanging out... and the more we planned for this fake dating the more we enjoyed spending time with each other... and by the time April fools day came (about 4 days later and the day we were going to tell everyone it was a joke)we were actually dating.

we were freshman... it was fun. but we knew it was temporary. he was leaving on a mission soon and so it seemed like it all ended as quickly as it began. we wrote each other for the next two years merely as friends. i dated around, he served the Lord and after seeing how amazing the mission had been for him and my other friends i decided i wanted to serve a mission as well. at this point we both assumed that the other would be married by the time we got back to Provo and so it was a bit confusing when we found ourselves once again both in Provo, both single... and both still quite perplexed about life, liberty and the pursuit thereof.

and somehow i found myself one night standing in my living room with my eyes closed with no idea as to what was about to occur. Emily (my sister) wanted to take Gabe and I out to dinner and so while i was getting ready Gabe asked if I had some twine. I kind of laughed and said something like no... but i might have some string. i went and grabbed some string and gave it to him, not thinking twice about it and continued getting ready, which took all of maybe 5 more minutes. and when i came out Gabe asked to use the bathroom (i promise this is relevant to the story, little did i know that he was making a ring out of string and that i hadnt given him nearly enough time to complete said task so he used the bathroom excuse to finish making it) when he came out he told me to close my eyes and turn around because he had a surprise for me (i was completely taken by surprise, the last time he gave me a surprise it was a truffle... not that i didnt appreciate it, but i was expecting something along those lines) so when i turned around, and he was down on one knee, with this ring he had made i was taken back... and then he said a bunch of mushy things i have promised not to tell the world and then "Heather Nicole, i'm starving will you go to dinner?" laughed and then seriously said "Heather Nicole Koval, will you marry me?" as he slipped my amazing little ring on my finger.
it was perfect. i loved it. and the more days that go by the more i know i made the right choice by saying yes

Gabe is perfect for me. We have the funnest adventures together... like chasing each other around the library tonight, and looking for housing and free furniture. everyone says we're still in the goo goo eyed stage... but i'm not so sure. we have had to deal with our fair share of hardships and disagreements involving each other and others. I know there will be plenty more to come, but I also know there is no one else I would rather face those challenges with.

Gabe is my best friend in the entire world and now I get to be with him for eternity.

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