Saturday, May 8, 2010

and i guess i am blessed...

but sometimes i dont see it as such (Rocket Summer lyrics)

this morning i woke up and talked to my girl Andrea on the phone for nearly an hour and then when i got online i had the absolute sweetest message from another friend, Ashley. last night i was texting Angela before bed and this morning i was talking to my friend Alyssa about the day... besides having an unusually large amount of friends whose names start with A i realized that i have been so blessed by the people who have been placed in my life. Heavenly Father has always looked out for me and made sure that I am surrounded by those who love me. they support me and the decisions i make and there is a mutual respect, that even if we dont agree completely with one another's decisions, unless it is completely brain damaged we try to be as understanding as possible.

somedays i feel like i am fighting the whole world... but i know i'm never at it alone.

i always have friends, family and Christ there to support me. i know how entirely preachy that sounds, and possibly a little bit ridiculous, but it's true. i have always been held by Him no matter what the circumstances. I have always been able to make it through the next thing with Him standing by my side. and i am so grateful that through it all there has been this overwhelming reassurance of love.

if you're reading this you are most likely one of those people, and while it doesn't fully explain what i mean... thank you, it has meant the difference between success and failure for me

Sunday, May 2, 2010

stuffed frenchtoast and sliced fingers

today at church my roommate and i decided that we wanted breakfast for dinner... pancakes, sausage, eggs, orange juice... yum!
and then Lyss came over and we decided to make chocolate chip pancakes and then the guys came over and Andy says "have you ever heard of stuffed french toast, are we having stuffed french toast?" i laughed... and before i knew what was going on there was Andy and Gabe making stuffed french toast,(we had our doubts, but it was amazing, i might just have to have them cook for us again)our pancakes had chocolate chips in them (this is where the finger comes in: as i was opening the chocolate chips i somehow managed to also slice my finger and half of my fingernail), and our eggs were fluffy and filled with pepper jack cheese. it was pretty amazing overall and it was fun. i've missed being able to just hang out with people without the worries of homework and other pressing deadlines. a few times tonight i caught myself thinking "wait, i need to be doing something..." only to realize i didnt.

plus, i cooked and nobody died from it... i might be catching on to this whole homemaking thing... i might even be enjoying it...
me? enjoying cooking? and being successful at it?

its true... sometimes the impossible does occur.

and i know i need to update on Oklahoma... but even more i need to get some sleep before tomorrow and my first insane day back at work