a letter to one of the most annoying yet vital organs...

dear heart:
will you PLEASE move on to beating that fast when someone else comes along. and stop hurting when the same said person comes around. it would be much more simple.

thank you for bringing me tender moments like holding baby Davis for the first time. i know you melted today, dont worry i think the rest of me almost did too. there is something amazing about new born children and how close they are to heaven

you've broken a few too many times, but that doesnt mean you need to get harder. the number of people you have felt walk out of my life has been quite a few, but the ones who have stayed are the ones who made it worth it. where would we be if you didnt let them in ?

i know that this letter is pointless. no matter what you will always have conflict with that silly head of mine. if there is one thing you both agree on it would be the gospel of Jesus Christ. and if you ever agree on another man... well as imperfect as he might be, he will be the one who gets to stay

this girl you've been holding up for 22 years now...

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