i went to get a burrito and came back with a spanish tutor...

true story.
well... kind of :)
i ran into Andy on campus (seeing people i know and love on campus is pretty much what makes my days)and we ended up eating dinner at taco bell... which brought about a discussion about Spanish... and how i need to learn it. so he randomly started throwing all these phrases at me trying to get me to understand what in the world he was saying... and then remember it. it was a mess but after it was all said and done we decided that i will learn a phrase a day...

como te llamas?
translation (rough not literal): what is your name?

and there it is :)

another topic of conversation that came up was my latest crush... a longboard.
oh how i love them.
a lot.
i officially learned how to longboard in a parking garage last night. and it was fantastic.

my friends made me wear the "special" helmet because i tend to be accident prone but... guess who was the only person to not completely biff it at least once?!

yep thats right, me :)

i think i've found my calling in life.
if only there were professional longboarders... i would drop out of college and totally take it up

but instead i will continue my late night excursions of jumping into pools, fully clothed, because we lost a bet and following it up by drinking hot chocolate, wearing guys clothes and going longboarding...

the end.

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