hello alone...

or i'll make yet another music post.
because that is what i do.
i listen to vast amounts of music, constantly analyzing the lyrics, beat, chords and any other random tidbits that seem to draw me in like animals to a water hole. why this analogy?
because music is the water to my soul. when i go too long without it i begin to tire and wither...

my current obsessions :

artist: Yiruma
album: First Love

this is piano only, and i love this album. it is amazing. when i am having the worst day and my brain has become so cluttered that lyrics are too much i simply turn it on and i am instantly calmed by the smooth soft melodies that seem to be healing my soul. my particular favorite is A River Flows in You

artist: Anberlin
i'm not sure why i havent discovered this band before now.

"broken hearts like promises are left for lesser knowns"
"But thoughts they change and times they rearrange I don't know who you are anymore
Loves come and go and this I know I'm not who you recall anymore"
"Live, I wanna live inspired
Die, I wanna die for something higher than myself"

i think i'm going to finish writing a paper and then take Anberlin and Yiruma for a long ride

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