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love is only as secure as the good feelings between two people, and that is only as secure as the goodness of each -Daniel Campbell

i had a three hour conversation with my friend Daniel tonight about love and the ideas behind it. whether we choose to love or not, etc.

it was an enlightening conversation. i really like the philosophy behind his thinking (for the most part) and while it is obvious to see that some of his realizations have come due to harsh realities i believe the knowledge is something that will benefit him more than not.

i love the idea of love. true love. love that is unselfish, love that one doesnt have to work at constantly because they are constantly working on improving themselves and therefore as a result of that the love itself is improved. a feeling that is based upon Christ-like love and expounded to further regions as two people discover the virtues they admire in the other and are enlightened and supported. i want to be the person who helps through the hard times, not the entity that causes them.

in my religion (and i am sure this has been seen in others) there is symbolism used to show a person's relationship with God and their spouse

it looks something like this:


wife husband

and so one can see that the closer a person is to God the closer they become to their spouse. i also think that this has implication in the single world but the triangle would be a tad different, with a slightly different connotation

best choice
better choice

single person good choice

mediocre choice

lame choice

uhm, honey what were
you thinking?!

it seems like there are loads of single people who sit around making lists and hoping for an amazing person to come along when they don't do anything to better themselves. lame. work on yourself and the rest will fall into place. i'm not saying be down on yourself, have a low self-esteem or even say "when I... (insert some worthy goal here)" the right person will come along. I am simply saying if you really want to find someone who is going to fulfill your goals, shouldn't you first attempt to achieve them yourself? and if the right person takes a little longer than you thought to come around or if they never do, then oh no, you are an amazing person with talent, success and a goal oriented life. is there anything wrong with that?

i'm not trying to pretend I am anything but a hopeless romantic. because I am. But, without the right foundation in this silly little head of mine things could get out of hand quickly.

in the words of a prophet "Look to God and live"

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