oh the new year...

its the new year which of course makes me stop and think about 2009 and then onto 2010 and what it will hold
this past year was anything but expected, so many things happened that i still just kind of shake my head at, but i have learned to find a lot more joy in living and in the experiences that i have been given.

i love the relationship i have with my heavenly father
i love the relationship i have with Emily my little sister
i love the friendships i have and the people i have them with

i am excited for school to start again
i am excited for my new exercise program
i am excited for the part i have in changing the world

things i want to do better this year:
1. planning and time management
2. trusting the right people and in the right amount
3. studying and learning

things i did well last year:
1. accepting the difficult things that i needed to do
2. being more compassionate
3. recycling

music: i continue to be amazed by the amazing artists, lyrics,and musicality of it all

movies: i have been highly disappointed as of late. if they dont get better i'm going to start boycotting anything made after 2006

here's to an awesome year of potential turned to reality

why hello 2010

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