so there was this one time...

last night i made a mad dash to pack, this morning i got up bright and early to shower and then head to the airport. i have all my stuff packed, ipod fully charged with fresh music, new book in hand ready to be in OKC by 1:30.

i am still sitting at my house.

why you might ask? well... because i lost my plane ticket. just print out another copy you might say... that would work if i was flying on a regular ticket. but i'm not, i fly standby on an employee pass so i have to have the actual ticket to fly. i have searched every inch of my living space and my car. i have called random people who have been at my house in the past 24 hours, hoping they accidentally picked it up. i had that ticket, in hand, less than 48 hours ago. i know exactly where i put it. well at least i thought i did. now im going to head back to bed and then wake up and once again dissect every inch of my bedroom.

it feels great to be a genius.

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