oh man... this trip has been insane. but i love it :)
my nieces and little brothers crack me up! and i have missed some one on one time with my mom and sister-in-law. my girl Andrea has made things almost absolutely perfect... the only thing that would make it better is if i got to see Kris, Matt Brianne and baby Chris while here...

"so one day I was fixing my hair with hairspray and i looked in the mirror and thought I look sexy" (Benji the 5 year old)

"melanie, you need to eat at least two more bites of that" "uhm, my mom says i'm full" (me and my 5 year old neice)

"Benji, go get daddy" "I cant, he's talking to the Lord and says i'm not supposed to interrupt"

now Andrea is amazing, i could just say that and say 'nuff said but... that girl , ah! love her :D anyways... she took me out on a date (sorry boys, but its been the best date thus far) to Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill and afterwords we went to Bass Pro Shop (what single mid-20 year old girls go into that store?! oh yes, we do :) where i pretty much conned her into taking a picture with Santa and me (see current fb profile picture) and we had plenty of girl talk. i get to see her again tomorrow and i am soo excited!!! thank heavens she lives so close to my rents.

Oklahoma has helped me realize a lot about myself in general. its nice to be able to come here with a clear head and have time to really think things out

well its tired and i'm late...

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