mediation poetry

tonight at meditation we were asked to write two poems. the first we were asked to look into the eyes of the person across from us, and really study them and then in six lines write what we saw. the second poem we were asked to sit and think about what we would see if we were to look into the eyes of God (or mother earth or Buddah... whatever your beliefs may be) and write that in six lines. i really enjoyed this and thought i would share. i was also really surprised by what the person who wrote the poem about me saw...

my first poem:
Blue-Eyed Hawaii

eyes full of deep knowing, yet young searching
you seem to have rays of hope and sun
truthfully yearning a want
to smile, create, live, be
there is a stubborn strength
and yet... above all: truth you seek

the poem about me:
Heather of eyes pure
mischievous, elfen soul, full of knowledge and wisdom
off to the forest she scatters to gather her forces
rising above the matter of earth bound issues
full of light, inspired by force
she presses on in this cold, frozen tundra, full of rich warm souls
she will reign again

my second poem:
Alah (or Daddy)

the only Father I've really known
the truth of your love sublime
your eyes hint of laughter, lined with sorrow
your arms waiting to embrace
forgiveness, mercy, kind grace
the gentle strength I need to survive

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