group mediation

tonight i went to group meditation for the first time
it was an amazing experience and i really enjoyed it, not quite what i expected, which is a good thing. and i learned a bit more about myself
we spent a lot of the time interacting with one another and learning things about ourselves through writing and discussion
one of my favorite parts of this group is that the lady who runs it believes that the main objective in mediation is to draw closer to the Savior, and to try and become like Him
she talked about how when a person meditates it opens them up to supernatural phenomenons like having dreams about things that happen in the future, knowing things before they occur etc. she then explained that while these are fun to experience we can direct that energy towards drawing closer to the Savior and receiving spiritual gifts. I have had some things like that occur in my life but have never connected the two. I am grateful for yet another way to draw closer to my Savior

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