throughout this week my brain has felt like someone wanted to make scrambled eggs out of it. i literally feel like someone took a wire whisk and swirled my brain around for a little bit.
i missed big events
i attended others
i saw someone who completely confuses me three times and thought about said person even more
i tried to figure out what to say to said person
and what not to say to a lost friend who is in dire need of help
i studied math for 5 hours straight and tried to study bio for that long as well
i went to class when it wasnt required and missed when it was
i hiked up a mountain and only didnt give in to slowing down or all together quitting because i was with a bunch of guys and didnt want them to think i was a wuss
i then ran the last two miles back... and only one of the guys managed to keep up

so somewhere in between massive amounts of studying, over analyzing (i've finally given in to the realization that i over analyze most things in my life) and running around trying to get everything i needed and wanted to get done
my brain became scrambled eggs.

i'm done
no more scramble
i'm just going to let things happen how they will and make sure i do my best to increase my chances for success

after all... what else is there?

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