music as a therapy

for those of you who know me...
my life is anything but conventional. and most days i am more than grateful for that. but sometimes... it all gets overwhelming.
some people turn to food, others to drugs or drinking, others to adrenaline or a psychologist. me?
my favorite thing to do is take my ipod, fill it with whatever music fits my mood, put some tennis shoes on and take off.
i've gotten away from that, mostly because of surgery and back issues. but i really want to get back into it.

especially in the rain
and now that autumn is here, it seems the crisp air is calling my name

maybe this will get me out of the funk i seem to have fallen into lately. it seems the harder i try the further i fall

and with my music i can by angry, say mean things and be done. be heartbroken, cry and wish for what was or pretend to key a guys car, laugh because i have the best friends or just have one of those days. no one to judge. and i dont even have to think sometimes. yes, music, you are better than any person with a clipboard trying to tell me why and what.

here i go... running with

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