misconceptions of childhood...

#1 you can be anything you want to be when you grow up
when i was in kindergarten i wanted to be a firetruck, my teacher informed me that was impossible. maybe this is why it took so long for me to decide on a career... i had my heart set and then crushed at such a young age

#2 God blessed the sacrament
in my religion we take the sacrament every week. the guys who bless it arent in view while it is being blessed. i totally thought it was God talking until i was idk... i just remember being devastated it was a 16ish year old kid and not the man upstairs Himself. kind of shook my faith... but apparently i got over it

#3 eating watermelon seeds are how people get pregnant
thank you older brothers...
somehow this made since in my mind until the ripe age of seven, when i then discovered that duh people dont get pregnant by eating watermelon, they get pregnant by kissing!! after all where else would a condom fit?

#4 bagels were donuts
its true... at one point in my life my mom was pretty strict about things like sugar. im sure it was good for me. and im sad to say i have let some things slip. two of my favorite foods involve taco bell and flavored ice pops

i'm sure there are several more... its interesting to see how much a person lives in their own world as a child. i'd like to think as i've gotten older the misconceptions of my own brain have faded away... but i kind of think that they have been replaced with others. and those will eventually fall away and lead to more. one of the truest statements i have come across is that the older i get the less i know

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