ode to friendship

the Lord works in not so mysterious ways a lot of the time...
today at church we had a lesson about friendship and the importance of it in our lives. this caused me to reflect on all the amazing relationships Heavenly Father has blessed me with.

i can honestly say i have come in contact with some of the most amazing, ambitious, talented, loving and caring people.
you have been there for me
you have listened to me
you have been ridiculous with me
you have simply given me a hug
you have challenged me and have shown me that i want to be a better person.
thank you.
you are amazing and have kept me together when everything else went to pieces over the years

also a special notation on my dear friend Lyndi
while we were discussing friendship today there was a quote read by Joseph Smith that listed the qualities of a true and honest friend. not one of those qualities is missing from Lyndi's friendship to me, and i have known here since we were 12. that really says something about a person, to have known them for so long, and know that they strive and continue to be a genuine and amazing person.
love you

i guess yesterday seems pretty ridiculous now

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