it's kind of like the flying spaghetti monster...

except i've never really read that book so... maybe its nothing like it. the point is, Lyss came over for dinner tonight and instead of using tomato sauce i used tomato soup. why?!? idk. i was probably distracted by the conversation. which consisted of missions, guys, and pretty much the last six months. i discovered the last two and a half years of my life have partially consisted of making a decision that wasnt really mine to make. ugh. why can't life lessons be like one of those tv shows where by the end of an episode the main character learns a valuable lesson, finds true love, and even gets some feel good background music?

i suppose the right question isnt why but what it is that we have to learn through the real, sometimes raw, and most days difficult faculties of life. i know that the tough times in my life have taught me lessons, but i think the happy moments have taught me plenty as well. endorphins are good for getting things done, long talks with a close friend many times solve problems i didnt know i was facing, unexpected generosity from others helps me to be more giving, days that seem perfect help me love life more. i dont like having my foot in a cast. i think climbing up a mountain and seeing an amazing view makes me appreciate my ability to walk more than sitting around icing a swollen foot, running in the rain is better medicine than looking at a nasty scar. i dont like heartbreak. it seems to make me unfairly mistrust the next guy more than anything. and having enough money for both rent and college makes me appreciate it so much more than resenting those who get both when i have to choose.

sometimes life is harsh. and to put it simply, it sucks. there is no silver lining. maybe, hey this will be over soon enough is comforting to some. ive tried to make it comforting to me at times. but naw. it happens. to everyone.

so that lesson were learning from this not so perfect life? i guess i'm still learning it because things arent exactly working out for me these days.

i'm ready for some life lessons

oh and the spaghetti sauce made from tomato soup? kind of delicious

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