somehow everything is gonna fall right into place... if only time flew like a dove... this time we're not giving up, lets make it last forever. screaming hallelujah.
the above is my current mood (courtesy of Hayley Williams/Josh Farro aka Paramore)

i love life at the moment. things have all begun to fall into place. i finally got a job!!! (i know i know, maybe i'll blog about something else soon) and my class schedule is reasonable, although i am still hoping to not have to drive to spanish fork every monday for psych 1100...

things i am happy about:
i have hummus in my fridge, one of my best friends just got back from his mission, it is gorgeous outside, i made a new friend, moab in september, laughing out loud from a text, my car is still running, movies that are coming out that i am actually excited to see, excellent music is playing, i just got back from a wonderful place, my little sister and i had an epic adventure last night involving sunflower market, redbox, my car, and a raspberry flavored shake.

days like today make up for all the muck in life. disappointment, heartache, heartbreak, mistrust and corruption dont stand a chance against the ordinary yet perfect moments

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