लेट्स नोट तरी थिस अत home

my head and my heart disagree most days. i think that might be a big part of my indecisiveness, in general. and sometimes, even when i know my heart is right my head tries to reason with it. it doesnt help when other factors play into it.

i've been looking for a job for about a week now. and i am currently in the waiting process. waiting for calls back from and for interviews. while job searching i have observed the following: i dont take very many "normal face" pictures... in fact i had to search through quite a few pictures in order to find one suitable to attach to a resume. i hate spam. and being "overqualified" for jobs. what does that even mean?! a well built resume goes a long way. and... i could totally do the business dressed thing most days as long as i have my comfy clothes to come home to.

have i mentioned how much i love summer? and Provo. and my friends?

gonna go get ready for an awesome reunion with one of my favorite people :D

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