the job hunt

ok... so i know i am getting a little excessive in the posting department but this is kind of hilarious
i've been applying for jobs (see previous posts)
and today was kind of awesome
i was asked (in person) if i am homeless and i took an apptitude (but not really) test for a different job. they would ask all sorts of questions about work experience and background but then about every third question had to do with illegal drugs and steaaling.
example:please answer the following with strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, or strongly disagree

Selling illegal drugs to your co-workers is okay as long as they can afford to buy them

Stealing from your company is okay as long as you are underpaid

Doing illegal drugs while on the job is okay as long as it enhances your performance

Taking something from your company is okay as long as you intend or returning it

some of my other favorites were:

I have never been angry
I have never lied
I have never yelled

after completing that questionaire it made me question if i was sure i wanted to apply. we'll see what happens

ps- feel free to comment with any fun interview/job search stories. i would love to read them

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