Thursday, July 30, 2009

somehow everything is gonna fall right into place... if only time flew like a dove... this time we're not giving up, lets make it last forever. screaming hallelujah.
the above is my current mood (courtesy of Hayley Williams/Josh Farro aka Paramore)

i love life at the moment. things have all begun to fall into place. i finally got a job!!! (i know i know, maybe i'll blog about something else soon) and my class schedule is reasonable, although i am still hoping to not have to drive to spanish fork every monday for psych 1100...

things i am happy about:
i have hummus in my fridge, one of my best friends just got back from his mission, it is gorgeous outside, i made a new friend, moab in september, laughing out loud from a text, my car is still running, movies that are coming out that i am actually excited to see, excellent music is playing, i just got back from a wonderful place, my little sister and i had an epic adventure last night involving sunflower market, redbox, my car, and a raspberry flavored shake.

days like today make up for all the muck in life. disappointment, heartache, heartbreak, mistrust and corruption dont stand a chance against the ordinary yet perfect moments

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the job hunt

ok... so i know i am getting a little excessive in the posting department but this is kind of hilarious
i've been applying for jobs (see previous posts)
and today was kind of awesome
i was asked (in person) if i am homeless and i took an apptitude (but not really) test for a different job. they would ask all sorts of questions about work experience and background but then about every third question had to do with illegal drugs and steaaling.
example:please answer the following with strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, or strongly disagree

Selling illegal drugs to your co-workers is okay as long as they can afford to buy them

Stealing from your company is okay as long as you are underpaid

Doing illegal drugs while on the job is okay as long as it enhances your performance

Taking something from your company is okay as long as you intend or returning it

some of my other favorites were:

I have never been angry
I have never lied
I have never yelled

after completing that questionaire it made me question if i was sure i wanted to apply. we'll see what happens

ps- feel free to comment with any fun interview/job search stories. i would love to read them

if i put them on here it makes things more solid for me

semester goals:
-community service
-Mt. Timpanogas

somewhere along the road i took this detour of who i want to become. i'm hoping this will help me once again retain my future

Monday, July 20, 2009

लेट्स नोट तरी थिस अत home

my head and my heart disagree most days. i think that might be a big part of my indecisiveness, in general. and sometimes, even when i know my heart is right my head tries to reason with it. it doesnt help when other factors play into it.

i've been looking for a job for about a week now. and i am currently in the waiting process. waiting for calls back from and for interviews. while job searching i have observed the following: i dont take very many "normal face" pictures... in fact i had to search through quite a few pictures in order to find one suitable to attach to a resume. i hate spam. and being "overqualified" for jobs. what does that even mean?! a well built resume goes a long way. and... i could totally do the business dressed thing most days as long as i have my comfy clothes to come home to.

have i mentioned how much i love summer? and Provo. and my friends?

gonna go get ready for an awesome reunion with one of my favorite people :D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i am finally moved into my new apartment! not that there was much to move in the first place, i was moving in as a girl was moving out and it was oh so funny when she calls me to say "you can move the rest of your stuff in, don't worry about my things still there" and i respond "oh thanks, but that is all of my stuff" she replies with an awkward "oh"
i guess i'm still in missionary mode, most of my things fit into two suitcases... its interesting how much things can change after a few months of being gone. people change... i wonder what two years will have done.
i'm so excited to be going to school with my girls Adri and Erica or to get an awesome job and do some night school. either way this fall is full of possibilities.

good news: you walked out of my life, but i'm still living it up

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am...

THE designated driver... in love with the impossible... done with trusting all the wrong people... getting ready for the most intense part of my life thus far... obsessed with music... loving the new harry potter movie... ready to read a good book... even more ready for a new job... rewriting my resume... hoping this boot comes off before swimming season is over... eating an otter pop... loosing sleep... looking for my sheets i know i packed somewhere... waiting to see what happens when me and one of my favorite parts of the past plays catch up... excited that i get a free bus pass... looking for volunteer work... shutting this thing down and getting some Zzzs. . .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the near future

tonight I really need to get some laundry done... its down to 2 tshirts and no more undies

tomorrow I get to have fun with my little brothers in our pre 4th celebration...

Saturday I get to see my love Andrea!!!!!!!

on Monday I will once again be in a cast...
at least this time i have fair warning

Tuesday I finally get my laptop back (note for all future missionaries: laptops cannot be entrusted to large families)

Wednesday I will be packing all day... and by all day i mean however long it takes for me to pack my two whole suitcases... haha

Thursday is the last day I work....

and next weekend I am headed to Utah!