and the lights will make it hard to sleep at night. . .

here i sit drinnking my diet dr pepper thinking about how much the people we surround ourselves with influence our lives, this came to my mind because diet dr pepper is one of my vices... i simply love the taste and actually prefer it to regular dr pepper that started when i lived with my aunt and uncle. they lived off the stuff, and i begun to as well


other things in my life i have acquired from others include but are not limited to:

sun bathing: my dear Lazel helped me realize what an amazing activity this is... even if i probably should be wearing more sunscreen

telling people "sleep well": i can't decide if i should credit this one to the song stolen by chris carraba or to matheu may, either way its something i now tend to do

running: so there is a confession in this one. in high school i joined the cross country team because i liked a guy who was on the team... haha. at first i deemed it torture not worth the guy but now i love running, its one of my favorite outlets

being girly: painting my toes, wearing high heels, being compassionate, skirts, loving kids, having fun with eye makeup, accessorizing, letting guys do things like open jars, putting together outfits... i'm not sure who i can credit this one to i would say so many people have helped me with this one lyndi, andrea, sarah and lazel to name a few

a love for my Heavenly Father: i don't know many experiences in my life that haven't helped influence this...

Kansas: the place and the band

chuck taylors: once upon a time i thought it was rebelious, now i just like how they look

peanut m&ms: Lyndi

thrift store tshirts: my brother Matt

what not to wear: the May brothers

rain: i'm not sure on this one, but its noteable

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