Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my life according to the blessed tunes of Jack Johnson

mk... i couldnt resist...

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on if you like. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. Repost as "My Life According to (BAND NAME)"

Pick Your Artist:
Jack Johnson

Are you a male or female?
sexi plexi

Describe yourself:
fortunate fool (i kid i kid.. it was all too perfect)

How do you feel:
upside down

Describe where you currently live:
jungle gym

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:

Your favorite form of transportation:
losing keys

Your best friend is:

Your favorite color is:
green eyes

What's the weather like:
never know

Favorite time of day:

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called:
unaudible melodies

What is life to you:
fast times in Tahoe

Your relationship:
sitting, waiting, wishing

Your fear:
who's to say

What is the best advice you have to give:
might just let it go

If you could change your name, you would change it to:

Thought for the Day:
let it be sung

How I would like to die:
all at once

My soul's present condition:
brishfire fairytales

My motto:
sleep through the static

Monday, June 22, 2009

and the lights will make it hard to sleep at night. . .

here i sit drinnking my diet dr pepper thinking about how much the people we surround ourselves with influence our lives, this came to my mind because diet dr pepper is one of my vices... i simply love the taste and actually prefer it to regular dr pepper that started when i lived with my aunt and uncle. they lived off the stuff, and i begun to as well


other things in my life i have acquired from others include but are not limited to:

sun bathing: my dear Lazel helped me realize what an amazing activity this is... even if i probably should be wearing more sunscreen

telling people "sleep well": i can't decide if i should credit this one to the song stolen by chris carraba or to matheu may, either way its something i now tend to do

running: so there is a confession in this one. in high school i joined the cross country team because i liked a guy who was on the team... haha. at first i deemed it torture not worth the guy but now i love running, its one of my favorite outlets

being girly: painting my toes, wearing high heels, being compassionate, skirts, loving kids, having fun with eye makeup, accessorizing, letting guys do things like open jars, putting together outfits... i'm not sure who i can credit this one to i would say so many people have helped me with this one lyndi, andrea, sarah and lazel to name a few

a love for my Heavenly Father: i don't know many experiences in my life that haven't helped influence this...

Kansas: the place and the band

chuck taylors: once upon a time i thought it was rebelious, now i just like how they look

peanut m&ms: Lyndi

thrift store tshirts: my brother Matt

what not to wear: the May brothers

rain: i'm not sure on this one, but its noteable

wheels keep turning even after we stop pushing

these things swirl, twist, turn
the realization of some seem never to want a long stay...
fleetingly there for a moment only to slink away
at the moment i've caught on
so you remind me
once again
and they swirl, twist, turn
this time a deception
of what i thought i knew i wanted
you remind me
of him

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i realized today that i havent been quite consistent in blogging. and that now is the perfect time to start catching up.

now being while I am living rent free, with little social connections outside of my family, the internet, and my phone

my friend Mark and his blog inspired me to do this so Mark, thanks.

since I've been in Oklahoma it seems that I have discovered a new me. one who is more calm and thinks more rationally, who tries to solve problems rather than symptoms and who has finally realized that no matter how much I want to I can't help people who aren't willing to change or help themselves. I dont attribute this to my current situtation, because up until now when I have come to visit I seemed to revert back to my high school self (which is someone I would like to stay in the past). I think a lot of my change has to do with the mission I served. Serving others and constantly trying to learn the doctrine of what I believe has caused a greater change of heart than I could hope for. and I love it.

Politics: I have simply tried to avoid them since my freshman year of college when I went from wanting to be a politician to being disgusted with them. But, then I came to the conclussion that I can't avoid it and its not smart to be uninformed. My opinion is this: I am more conservative than liberal, but I do not claim either party. People are fallible, and the more people you have in a group the more fallible it becomes*. I vote, I have my opinions on what I think a government should and shouldn't do but I am not going to put a loyalty to either major party.

the past few days cliches seem to be a theme of my coversations. not that my conversations are all cliches but that I have discussed them a lot, and since I really like making lists I thought this could be interesting

5 cliches I too enjoy:
1. blue jeans
2. texting
3. trying to change the world
4. falling in love
5. singing/ dancing in my car to music

5 cliches I think the world would be better off without:
1. pornography
2. cable tv
3. political correctness
4. celebirty gossip
5. putting people into compartments

*the exception to this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is simply because God is never changing. the people in the church aren't perfect, the gospel is (how is that for a cliche...)