and she's back...

first things first.
yes, I am back 13 months early from my mission. no I am not really excited about it but it appears that thinsg are looking up.
I am pretty sure I am headed to UVU in the fall... whoot whoot. Its going to be different, and I am ready for it
I hate searching for jobs. Especially in rural Oklahoma. If anyone has ideas let me know, in the meantime I will probably end up working for Target this summer in between surgeries and nannying
sometimes being a grown up is no fun at all

and then again, I love spending time with my little brothers; nerf gun wars, water fights, tramopline camp outs, and otter pops, driving around listening to music full blast with Adam, and swimming way too much...

bottom line: I thought I had the next 13 months to not think about life. think again

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