the east coast...

i am currently sitting in my brother's house not sleeping for unreasonable reasons
i survived thanksgiving at my dad's and most noteably was hit on by my grandpa. here is how it went down:

we were sitting around the living room waiting for dinner to start and he is like oh well who are you? (this is my stepgrandpa we've met a few times most recently an hour before this occured)
and matt my brother says oh thats my little sister heather. and my stepmom's dad is like oh well arent you a hot little item. ya know if i was your age i would be all about that. matt too bad shes your sister. she is just beautiful. i awkwardly respond thanks... and he says whats the thanks for youre the one with the looks.

i dont think he understands family relations at this point. Lyssa, maybe our grandparents could get together...

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