the phat farm...

so me and my roomies have some pretty crazy times... and since i make lists here are the first 10 that come to mind

10. eat banana bread with chocolate chips in it

9. watch movies P**** (name has been edited for fear of being deported) illegally downloads

8. art and crafts time (even if it is forced upon Petra)

7. bellydance workouts (ok so this was once but for the epic event it became it deserves to be on
the list)

6. watch daytime tv, what beats maury and divorce court in between classes/work...

5. drink hot chocolate

4. kill heather's pets (i dont really participate, just mourn) may Bob RIP

3. pay rent late to protest horrible living conditions

2. dance parties in the living room

1. call each other names 'SLAPKA (pronounced scholpkah)!!

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