funny how things can stay the same and drastically change

we watched anastasia tonight... it was nice to remember i had a childhood and that in a lot of ways im still not close to being a grown up. i don't have to be fully responsible. no matter how ridiculous some people think that makes me. i sleep in sometimes and take longer lunches than i should. i get attached when i know that things are about to change and i still dance around in my underwear to some of my favorite songs. i get jealous, forgive pretty easy, and take naps. i stay up late being ridiculous when sleep would be so much more reasonable. i have pets that i talk to and once in awhile i read until all hours of the morning. i get really scared. i have tons of energy. i make up silly songs and yell when im frustrated. i eat oreos for breakfast and ice cream for dinner. i like to play dress up and run around with the boys. i talk in silly voices and laugh when someone burps.... yeah sometimes the whole grown up thing? completely overrated

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