Monday, October 27, 2008

i will be turning my mission papers in on Sunday! finally!
*my week looks like this:
Tuesday- turn in my ballot (i know it has nothing to do with my mission but i'm entirely ready for this election to be OVER)
Wednesday- go get my TB test checked out
Thursday- get my physical signed off
Friday- finish up my dental work
Sunday- meet with my bishop

cuh--- razy!

here goes nothing... hopefully this time next week my call will be in the mail :P

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

funny how things can stay the same and drastically change

we watched anastasia tonight... it was nice to remember i had a childhood and that in a lot of ways im still not close to being a grown up. i don't have to be fully responsible. no matter how ridiculous some people think that makes me. i sleep in sometimes and take longer lunches than i should. i get attached when i know that things are about to change and i still dance around in my underwear to some of my favorite songs. i get jealous, forgive pretty easy, and take naps. i stay up late being ridiculous when sleep would be so much more reasonable. i have pets that i talk to and once in awhile i read until all hours of the morning. i get really scared. i have tons of energy. i make up silly songs and yell when im frustrated. i eat oreos for breakfast and ice cream for dinner. i like to play dress up and run around with the boys. i talk in silly voices and laugh when someone burps.... yeah sometimes the whole grown up thing? completely overrated

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the phat farm...

so me and my roomies have some pretty crazy times... and since i make lists here are the first 10 that come to mind

10. eat banana bread with chocolate chips in it

9. watch movies P**** (name has been edited for fear of being deported) illegally downloads

8. art and crafts time (even if it is forced upon Petra)

7. bellydance workouts (ok so this was once but for the epic event it became it deserves to be on
the list)

6. watch daytime tv, what beats maury and divorce court in between classes/work...

5. drink hot chocolate

4. kill heather's pets (i dont really participate, just mourn) may Bob RIP

3. pay rent late to protest horrible living conditions

2. dance parties in the living room

1. call each other names 'SLAPKA (pronounced scholpkah)!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

wisdom in teeth and cherries in ice cream

i got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday... so is that supposed to make me more or less wise?

either way im going skydiving in november


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

soooo.... midsemester
i have 19 days until i can turn my papers in
i said goodbye (for now) to a best friend today
i dont like it when people bash on how horrible guys are, for the most part they are great
classical music is my new vice... and im enjoying it thoroughly
i am snuggling with a tshirt in hopes the smell doesnt leave
let's go dancing in the rain
my roomies are as follows heartbreaker, communist, and hot italian
babies are adorable, even when they cry
politics are better on the comedy channel
and.... life is bittersweet these days