learning to fall...

a lot has happened since i last updated my blog...
over the past month ive had to relearn how to live life, i know it sounds funny but its true. since matt and mark moved my life has changed and while i cant say things are better or worse i am dealing with the situation much better than similar ones in the past. and i am having a blast while doing it. vauge i know... the thing is overall i am a happier person and its because of the people i have surrounded myself with and the things i have deemed important in my life. oh and its a lot easier to have fun these days :)
we had our second annual snowball fight, which included jumping in the fountain at a park in orem, it went well :P pictures will come soon
we went ice blocking for the first time, i have never gotten so bruised and enjoyed it so well
and i really enjoy work and as odd as that seems, seeing i work at byu as a crew leader for custodial its true. i am once again looking for a second job.... but not so hard :/ ill work on that

overall this whole learning to fall thing... has suprisingly been a great time

I'm learning to fall
I can't hardly breathe
When I'm going down don't worry about me
Don't try this at home
You said you don't see
I don't want to know that you know,
it should have been me

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